Department of Computer Science and Applications
Activity: Celebrating “National App Day”
Time: 10:00 am to 1:00pm
Chief Quest: Dr.Baljit Singh
Organising Secretary: Prof.Harmandeep Kaur
Total Participants:60
Organising Committee members: Dr.Ajay Dutta, Prof.Harpreet, Prof.Harmandeep Kaur,
Prof. Manpreet Singh and Prof.Kamini

Department of Computer science and Applications celebrating “National App Day”in Babbar
Akali Memorial Khalsa College, Garhshankar. This celebration is organised offline in
Department of Computer Science & Applications. In this celebration all students of computer
science & applications department were participated.
Miss.Neerja Anand student of BCA 1 st year formally welcomed the chief guest of the day
Dr.Baljit Singh Principal of Babbar Akali Memorial Khalsa College,Garhshankar.
The programme was e-inaugurated by the Principal of the college, Dr.Baljit Singh. Speaking on
the occasion emphasized on the significance and importance of apps in today time.
The main aim of this celebration was to subscribe the social media channels of our college
B.A.M Khalsa College, Garhshankar, launching the logo of CSC (Computer Study Circle) logo
designed by students selected by through competition and providing CSC ID Cards to Students .
For subscribing students were divided into groups with leading class in- charge teachers and they
went to other departments of the college and request students & teachers to subscribe the
YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and twitter channel of the college. Students did this work very
well and increased the subscribers on channels.
The organising Committee members of this competition are:Dr.Ajay Dutta(HOD-Department of
Computer Science and Applications),Prof.Harpreet (Department of Computer Science and
Applications),Prof.Kamini (Department of Computer Science and Applications),
Prof.Harmandeep Kaur (Department of Computer Science and Applications), Prof.Manpreet
Singh (Department of Computer Science and Applications).

At the end of the session Dr. Ajay Dutta (HOD-Department of Computer Science and
Applications) thanked the Dr.Baljit Singh principal of the college for giving his valuable time
and sharing his valuable ideas.We hope attendees learned something new on this day. The
celebration was made possible through the generous support of Dr.Ajay Dutta Head of
Department of Computer Science and Applications. We thank our organising committee
members for helping make the event a success.





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