Workshop on “Entrepreneurship and innovation as Career Opportunity”


Workshop on “Entrepreneurship and innovation as       

                                    Career Opportunity”


Report of workshop


Theme Entrepreneurship
Activity Name Workshop on “Entrepreneurship and innovation as Career Opportunity”
Time 10:00 am
Date 25th November,2023
Chief Guest Prof. Lakhwinderjeet Kaur
Key Speaker Prof. Kanwar Kulwant Singh
Convenor Prof. Ruchi
Mode of conduct offline
Total Participants 40



Organized by IIC (Institute’s Innovation Council) and Department of Computer Science and Application,

B.A.M. Khalsa College, Garhshankar


Organising Committee Members: Prof. Manpreet Singh, Prof. Kamini, Prof. Narinder Jit Kaur, Prof. Priyanka Bhatia, Prof. Harjot Kaur

The Institute’s Innovation Council, in collaboration with the Department of Computer Science and Application at B.A.M. Khalsa College, Garhshankar, hosted an inspiring guest lecture on November 25th, 2023. The workshop, titled “Entrepreneurship and innovation as career Opportunity” aimed to understand the basics of Entrepreneurship and its importance in modern society.

Objectives Of the Workshop

  • To stimulate the overall architecture of the Entrepreneurship Life cycle and how students can create innovative product by undertaking relevant
  • To demonstrate global Entrepreneurship activity- growing share of India and different types of
  • Promote thew importance of Entrepreneurship and innovation as career Opportunity and inculcate skillset required for a young

The distinguished speaker for the day was Prof. Kanwar Kulwant Singh( HOD) of Department of Commerce and Economics shared with us  views.

Contents of the workshop

  • Overview on the Entrepreneurship Life Cycle and India Position on global Entrepreneurship
  • How to convert the young graduate into Innovative
  • How to start a new Innovative Start-ups.

Outcome of the Workshop

  • To understand the basics of Entrepreneurship and its importance in modern
  • Skill set required to become an entrepreneur and how to convert simple idea into an
  • Key performance indicator of a graduate likely to become an









                Attendance Chart


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