Ultimate Typing Championship


           Department of Computer Science and Applications

Activity: Ultimate Typing Championship

Date:24th September,2022 to 30th  September,2022

Time: In their Respective Lectures

Co-Ordinator: Prof.Kamini

Total Participants:150

Organising Committee members: Dr.Ajay Dutta,Prof.Manpreet Singh,Prof.Pawan Kumar,Prof.Narinder Jit Kaur,Prof.Ruchi and Prof.Priyanka Bhatia


Department of Computer science and Applications organised Ultimate Typing Championship in Babbar Akali Memorial Khalsa College,Garhshankar.This competition is organise offline in Department of Computer Science & Apllications.In this competition students from various departments of  college participated in it.

Prof.Kamini is Co-Ordinator of this Competition.

Students of various classes take part in this competion and competion is done online in typing master.

List of Winners:

Sr no. Name of winner Class Position Typing Speed
1. Davinder Kumar PGDCA-1st Sem 1st 47wpm
2. Ankush Singh BCA-3rd Sem 2nd 45wpm
3. Abhinav Thakur BCA-1st Sem 3rd 38wpm


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