Visit to Govt. High School, Pojewal for Problem Identification and SWOT Analysis

Institution Innovation Council (IIC)



Activity Name: Visit to Govt. High School,Pojewal for Problem

                                                        Identification and SWOT  Analysis

Theme: Innovation

Time: One day (21/11/2023) 9:00am to 3:30pm

Mode: Offline

Technique: Interview and Brainstorming Session

Participants: 42 (All the enrolled students of B.A.B.Ed. & B.Sc.B.Ed. Semester-I)

Faculty: 2 (Prof. Kiranjot Kaur & Prof. Manisha Rani)



Session I

A Visit to Govt. High School, Pojewal was organized by the Department of Education, BAMKC. All the enrolled students of B.A.B.Ed. and B.Sc.B.Ed. Semester –I participated in this visit. The two teachers Prof. Kiranjot Kaur and Prof. Manisha Rani from the department accompanied the students. During the visit students held interview session with various stakeholders of the school. They interviewed the Principal, Mr. Harkesh Lal Mundan to seek the knowledge about student strength, their achievements, physical facilities etc. after that, they interviewed the teaching and non-teaching staff of the school to know about their teaching strategies and the other administration policies. Later they interviewed the students randomly of different classes to know their opinions about the school. They asked open ended questions to get deep insight into the problems faced by the students. Students also visited the school plant including classrooms, labs, library, kitchen, washrooms etc. to know the hygienic conditions of the school.

Session II

After the school visit, a brainstorming session was held with the students. In this session, the students highlighted the various strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities for the school also made some suggestions in this regard.


  • Easily accessible (situated on main road)
  • Green Environment
  • Use of ICT (availability of EDUSAT Lab)
  • Well-furnished Library (1699 books)
  • Science and Maths Lab
  • Use of BALA work (Building As Learning Aid)
  • Multimedia Classroom (4 Projectors)
  • Mid-Day Meal
  • Educational Parks


  • Student Strength is Low (130 only)
  • Issue of cleanliness
  • Playground lacks maintenance


  • Availability of Bus can improve Strength in the near future
  • Parents-Teacher Meeting is held regularly
  • Free books and uniform for students
  • Sports achievements at State level in Volleyball
  • Good achievements by the students


  • Unclean Washrooms can spread various diseases
  • Issue of security
  • Sports achievements can lower down in the near future due to unavailability of physical education teacher.


  • Employ a regular sweeper in the school for cleanliness
  • Installation of CCTV cameras at the entrance of the school can improve security and surveillance
  • Need of full time Physical Education teacher.
  • Playground must be well maintained.



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