Report of Chemistry Seminar on “Abandon Plastic, Embrace Creative Substitutes”

Institution Innovation Council (IIC)

           B.A.M. Khalsa College Garhshankar                      

                                     Department of Chemistry


                             Report of Chemistry Seminar on

                “Abandon Plastic, Embrace Creative Substitutes”

                                     Date of Seminar: 25-11-2023

                                            Room No. 18 on 9:00 am

The Department of Chemistry of B.A.M Khalsa College, Garhshankar in collaboration with Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC) and Mahatma Gandhi National Council for Rural Education (MGNCRE) under the aegis of III Society of Science organized one day seminar on the topic “Abandon Plastic, Embrace Creative Substitutes” on 25-Nov-2023. In this event, the key speaker of the event Mr. Neeraj Virdi delivered a talk on the topic in which various environmental problems arising due to plastic were discussed. The recent chemistry seminar on “Abandon Plastic, Embrace Creative Substitutes” proved to be a pivotal event, addressing the pressing need for sustainable alternatives in the face of escalating plastic pollution. The seminar delved into various aspects of the issue, exploring innovative solutions and the role of chemistry in forging a more sustainable future. The seminar commenced with an in-depth analysis of detrimental impacts of plastic on the environment, emphasizing the urgency to find eco-friendly alternatives. Expert highlighted the intricate chemistry involved in developing substitutes that can mimic the functionality of plastic while being biodegradable or derived from renewable sources. Nevertheless, the overall tone of the seminar was optimistic, emphasizing the opportunities for chemists to pioneer transformative changes in material sciences. Also, the faculties and students of various departments were present in the seminar. This event was also attended by Prof. Lakhwinderjeet Kaur (Principal), Dr. Manbeer Kaur (H.O.D life sciences), Dr. Kuldeep Kaur, Prof. Jaswinder Kaur (H.O.D Mathematics), Dr. Janki Aggarwal. Organizing committee members are Dr. Mukesh Sharma, Prof. Baldeep Kaur, Prof. Anchal. Prof. Lakhwinderjeet Kaur (Principal) appreciated the PowerPoint presentations given by the key speaker and advices the students to minimize the use of plastic. The event has been attended by 18 teaching faculty of different departments and 34 students of various departments of the college.

Brochure for the seminar

Attendance in the Seminar

Attendance of Faculty of Different Department

Attendance of Participants and Attendee

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