Celebration of Punjabi Day by Deptt of Languages


On Nov 12, Dept. of Languages celebrated Punjabi Day by giving emphasis on Punjabi Language-the mother tongue of Punjabis. This day is observed to accentuate the importance of mother tongue and to make students aware regarding the challenges and threats that Punjabi Language is facing at present.

In the race of globalization, Each and every person wants to acquire International Languages such as English, French etc. which is totally acceptable, but what is not acceptable is defaming one’s mother tongue in order to glorify some other languages. To motivate students to take pride in their mother tongue was the basic theme of this event. Prof. Kanwaljeet Kaur addressed the students and raised some serious issues. Professor emphasized the importance of mother tongue i.e. Punjabi and presented some eye opening data to students. Afterwards, Prof. Jaspal Singh gave lecture on History of Punjab, background of Punjabi Language and present situation of this language. Students took great interest in the lecture and afterward they all thanked the staff for giving them such invaluable lessons.

On this occasion, Principal Dr. Baljit Singh applauded the Dept. of Languages for organizing such days. Prof. Arwinder Arora minded the stage. Prof. Lakhwinderjeet Kaur was alsp present there along with all other faculty members.

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