Basis of HTML


Topic: basis tag used in HTML

Prepared by: Jagvir Kaur, (MSc IT)

Dated: 18-11-2022

The topic was delivered by Jagvir Kaur, a MSc (IT) first semester student from Computer Science Department. The topic aimed at introducing the basics of HTML and CSS, so as to cultivate among the students an interest in the area of web development and also to help them take their first steps in their journey as a web developer.
The students were introduced newer tags and shown how to build a more responsive website. They focused more on understanding the logic behind the various lines of code for the responsive version of website. She explained various formats and CSS-related topics like google fonts, color picker, inspecting layouts were introduced to the participants. She reference websites such as MDN and W3Schools, various tags and also a brief introduction to

After that in the end, Prof. Pawan Kumar faculty member of DCSA thanked all the students. And thanks to Jagveer Kaur, who shared her notes which she had prepared for the children.

Thank You.

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