Workshop – Website Designing


Workshop:      Website Designing

Date:            10th to 12th October 2022                                     

Time:           10 am to 12:00 pm

Venue:         Language Lab

No of Students:  50

Presented By: Novedeep Jeerh

Co-ordinator : Prof. Ruchi

Guest of Honour: Prof. Kanwar Kulwant Singh (HOD Commerce &Economics)


Presented Faculty Members:  Dr. Ajay Dutta (HOD Computer science & applications),Prof. Amritpal Singh,Prof. Pawan Kumar,Prof. Ruchi , Prof. Kamini , Prof. Priyanka Bhatia, Prof. Narinder Jit Kaur ,Prof. Manpreet Singh


Dr. Ajay Dutta(HOD, Computer Science) has organized a workshop for Computer Science Students of B.A.M Khalsa College,Garhshankar. The topic was delivered by Miss . Novedeep  Jeerh  alumni Student From Computer science Department.


The topic aimed at introducing the basics of HTML and CSS ,so as to cultivate among students an interest in the area of web designing and also to help them take their first steps in their journey as a web designing.

The Topic Discuss by Novedeep :

  • Tools and Technologies
  • Marketing and Communication design
  • Page Layout
  • Quality of code
  • Static &Dynamic Websites

She Explained various formats and CSS- related topics like google fonts,Color picker, inspecting layout were introduced to the participants. She reference websites such as MDN and W3Schools,various tags and also a brief introductions to CSS.

Prof. Kanwar Kulwant Singh (HOD Commerce &Economics) thanked all the students. And thanks to  Ms. Novedeep Jeerh ,to share her ideas. Prof. Kanwar Kulwant Singh give the certificates and mementoes to Ms. Novedeep Jeerh.


At  the end , thanks speech was delivered by Dr. Ajay Dutta (HOD Computer science & applications).

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