Celebration of “National Science Day” on 28 February, 2022


An activity on the “National Science Day” on February 28, 2022, has been organized by the Physics department, B.A.M. Khalsa college, Garhshankar. National Science Day is celebrated every year on 28th February throughout India in memory of scientist Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman who won the Noble prize for the discovery of the Raman effect. Dr. Preetinder Singh, Prof. Deepshikha, Prof. Amanpreet Kaur, Prof. Neha Rana, and Prof. Manpreet Singh were the Members of the Organizing Committee. The main aim of this celebration is to share the importance of science and inculcate scientific temperament among the students through quizzes, lectures, fun games, competitions, and showing experiments.


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