Unleash Your Potential: Join our Project Competition!



     Unleash Your Potential: Join our Project Competition!


Time:10:00 am

Date:22nd November,2023

Chief Guest: Prof. Lakhwinderjeet Kaur

Key Speaker: Dr.Ajay Dutta

Convenor: Prof.Kamini

Total Participants:45



Organising Committee Members: Prof.Manpreet Singh, Prof.Narinder Jit Kaur, Prof.Ruchi,

Prof.Priyanka Bhatia, Prof.Harjot Kaur

Project Competition is held in Department of Computer Science and Applications department with  collaboration with IIC cell on 22nd November,2023. The purpose of this report is to provide an overview and evaluation of the project website presentation. The presentation aimed to showcase the key features of the project website and its potential to meet the project’s objectives. The report will assess the effectiveness of the presentation, identify its strengths and weaknesses, and offer recommendations for improvement.

Students are declared winner on their innovative ideas,presentation and potential impact.

List of Winners

Sr.No Name Class Roll No.
1 Navan Batra B.C.A  Sem V 6158
Harsh 6159
Ankush 6151
2 Neerja Anand B.C.A  Sem V 6109
Rajni 6110
Davinder 6108
3 Nishant B.C.A  Sem V 6161
Vishal 6160
Vishal 6168


Attendance Chart






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